Thursday, February 17, 2011

Along Came A Spider.....

So I posted a video on Tuesday about finding a spider in my bedroom, if you haven't seen the video, I'll tell you exactly what happened now.
I was getting ready for college and I decided Iwanted to wear my black fluffy "ugg" boots so I went to my wardrobe to ge them, took one out and put it on. I took the other one out and was about to put it on when I saw something thread like hanging off it, I was just about to pull it off when it started was a huge spider! When I say huge I mean about the size of the palm of my hand! Horrible! So I froze and then it started running, in the direction of under my bed! So I srtood on it and killed it then I froze again, then I just started screaming at the top of my lungs, really really loud, prbably worse than I've ever screamed before!
Then after I had stopped screaming I started crying, really hard, and I was shaking too!
I was in such shock!
I thought I'd have a cup of coffee to get the faint feeling I went to make it but my hands were shaking so bad the sugar went all over the place and I dropped the spoon numerous times!
So I couldn't function normally for the rest of the day.
Last night I was in bed on Youtube like normal and for some reason I looked up in the corner of my room up over my bed....another spider....i jumped out of the bed so fast! And froze! I then ran to my parents room begging one of them to kill it, my dad eventually came in, I couldn't bear to stay in the room while he killed it cos I knew he would drop it, which I'm nearly sure he did!
I didn't really believe that he killed it but he promised, so I'm trusting him and I really hope he did!
So then I was back in bed, so nervous, I had my cat, Daisy, with me so I was a bit less worried even though if there was a spider near it she probably wouldn't kill it, she'd just play with it!
So I sat up in bed for the next three hours researching arachnophobia, causes and cures, not much help to me as some of the sites had pictures of huge nasty spiders on them :(
So now I'm living in fear, everytime I step in my room, I'd say myself and my mom are going to clean the whole room tonight when I finish work, hoover the whole place, because if I see another one, I will possibly have a heart attack!! I'm so nervous, What is attracting these spiders to my house?? It's not dirty but it's not freakishly clean either it's normal! What is the problem, I want to move out at this stage....

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