Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day Bloggin'

So Happy Valentines Day! My day was...well it was ok. I was way too tired to get up today so I didn't go to college, I'll go tomorrow..finally! So today I basically did nothing, cleaned my room a bit and cleaned the kitchen after dinner for my mom :)
So then my boyfriend came up with a card, a teddy bear, a bunch of roses and a box of chocolates for me! I was so happy because this was actually my first Valentines present in my life, Ive never even got a card! So of course I was really happy and really really appreciate everything he got for me, he is the best! He had school and after school study and work though so he didn't make it up to my house until about 10pm and then left around 12!
So what did I do for him? Well I have NO money right now and I mean NONE, so I had to get creative! So I made him a card, I wrote a letter for him, I made a little book with 7 pages saying nice things and then on the last page I asked him to be my Valentine and he said yes of course...haha. I also made him a CD with all the songs that remind me of him and I baked him fairy cakes, he loved them!
I made all different kinds. Some had plain icing, some had mint chocolate icing and some had nutella and they all had sprinkles on them, his favourite was of course the mint chocolate! I had fun making them, it was a last minute idea but now Im so happy I thought of it!
So enough about my lovey dovey Valentines day...I will seem very kind of like...hypocritical now I think but honestly...I think Valentines day is so over-rated! Its not a very nice day for people who are single, as in like the people who have just come out of a relationship or people who's loved ones have passed away.
To be honest, when I was single I didn't care about Valentines day, seeing happy couples and all the flowers and teddy bears in the shop windows didn't bother me, because I always knew that someday I would be getting one of those teddy bears and today I did!
So to all you single ladies (this post is aimed at the ladies!) , you don't need a man! You're an independant woman, noone to answer to, you're free to do what you want, noone to hold you down and in some ways I am jealous!
And I know you might be thinking 'oh that's easy for you to say, you have a boyfriend, you got your presents', but this is my first time in 19 years getting presents on Valentines day, believe me I know what it's like!
So whether you're single or madly in love, I hope you had a great day today!
Annemarie xo

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