Saturday, March 26, 2011

How I Really Feel About MAC Cosmetics.

So I realize that I might have misled you guys when I have previously said in some of my videos that I'm not the biggest MAC fan, but then I was super excited when I won a MAC lipstick in Karrisx's giveaway..
Basically, I do not buy MAC cosmetics, I can't really afford them to be honest, I mean if there was a specific product I really wanted I could go out and buy it but there is no specific product I really want, besides the Saint Germain lipstick which I was actually considering purchasing.
I just do not see the point in spending so much money on one product when I could get like 5 in the drugstore for the same price.
I feel like MAC products and the brand as a whole has been glamourized too much and gotten into people's heads that MAC is the BEST. I do not believe that MAC is the best, I believe that it is great, amazing quality and has a great range of shades to choose from, but the prices are sky high.
MAC has been worshipped on Youtube by girls such as juicystar07, Allthatglitters21, jlovesmac1 etc which has also led people to believe that MAC is the best!
If you like MAC cosmetics and want to spend your money on them, that's perfectly ok, it's a personal choice, it depends on your preference and of course your financial situation. I just choose not to buy MAC products because I don not see the point.
I own 1 single MAC eyeshadow in Mulch, I bought this basically because it was a specific shade of brown I had in my head that I really wanted and I could not find an exact dupe anywhere else, to be honest, I rarely use this eyeshadow! I don't use too many drugstore eyeshadows, I use Urban Decay, which is high end and fairly expensive but not as expensive as MAC, and I also only have palettes, which are really good value for money.
I also have 1 single MAC lipgloss, it's a Lipglass in Snowgirl, which is a small size and I bought it from a girl in school because she got it was a gift and didn't like it so she sold it to me for €5!
And then I have the Saint Germain lipstick from Karrisx's giveaway. I do love this lipstick so so much. It's just the perfect shade of pink for me I've always wanted a lipstick that exact colour but I could never find a drugstore dupe (if you know of any please let me know!) So that is one product from MAC that I would definitely repurchase, because it will last a long time due to the fact that I only really wear it on nights out, it's a bit too dramatic for daytime, even though I will occasionally be in the mood to wear it during the day! So the colour is perfect, the texture is amazing and it smells so nice and of course we all love the packaging! Using this lipstick has led me to consider buying more MAC lipsticks, but only lipsticks.
Drugstore is the way I like it :)
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So if you watch my channel, you may have seen my latest video about the teen sensation Rebecca Black.

I kind of rushed that video and I don't feel like I got to say everything that I wanted to say about it so I'm going to go through in fine detail now, how I feel about it etc.
Many of you have probably seen this video, if you haven't, take a look :)

So this song was released about 2 weeks ago i think and since then people have been talking about it non stop! It's trended on Twitter, got an amazing amount of attention on Youtube, as I am typing this the current figures are..
Views: 49,269,831
Likes: 93,064
Dislikes: 782,429
Comments: 645,529
And by the time I have published this blog those figures will have risen by hundreds, possibly thousands!
Ok so here goes my indepth opinions, thoughts, feelings and so on.
Firstly, I think Rebecca is gorgeous, she's only 13/14 and when I first saw the video she looked way older! On her interview that I mentioned in my video, her actual singing voice sounded amazing, it's a completely different voice to the one you hear in 'Friday'. In the song, her voice has been auto tuned...obviously and it does sound pretty annoying and nasaly (that spelling doesn't look right!) So I can understand why this song annoys people so much.
Also the lyrics are kind of, well, stupid to be honest. Like the explanation of the days of the week, please, as if we didn't already know. But this song was just made for fun! Apparently Rebecca didn't write these lyrics, so why is she getting all the blame?
This is just a fun song for a 13 year old girl who loves to sing? What is the big deal?! The amount of hate this song and Rebecca are receiving is out of this world! People saying she should kill herself, become anorexic to make herself prettier?? I mean come on, in the past hour there have been comments saying that Rebecca has commited suicide, I highly doubt these rumours are true, and what kind of sick individual would make this shit up?? The poor girl is only 13 for gods sake, if people were saying that stuff to me when I was 13 I don't know what I would have done, I would be depressed at the least, I really hope Rebecca is ignoring these stupid people. She is young, she is at the age where she is unsure about who she is, she is probably insecure, like most girls that age and I must say that I admire her for the single reason that she is able to cope with all these horrible comments. It's perfectly ok for someone to say they hate the song, dislike her voice, whatever but wishing death on an innocent 13 year old girl is so low...
Anyway! The video..So Rebecca wakes up at 7 a.m she's gotta get fresh gotta go downstairs...and after she does this she goes to the bus stop but she doesn't need to get the bus because her friends pull up in their convertable. Ok so people are freaking out because 'These kids are like 12 how can they drive'..'omg they have no seat belts on that's such a bad influence!' For real? GET THE F*CK OVER IT!! It's a music video! Are you seriously freaking out over something that's not even real? People who are old enough to drive, generally understand that you must wear a seat belt at all times when you're driving, and they're not going to not wear one just because they saw Rebecca Black not wearing one!!
Another thing people are freaking out/annoyed about is the line in the song 'which seat can I take?' while there is only one seat available in the car? Who cares? the line probably has a different meaning that we do not know about? Even if it doesn''s not a big deal! I mean yeah it is funny to joke about it, like these jokes on Facebook about how confused she would be if she got on the bus or whatever but calling her stupid is just...immature, again, it's just a bit of fun!
Then later on in the video, a rapper appears in a car and does a short rap about switching lanes, school buses..whatever and he is obviously significantly older than Rebecca, but who cares? To some people it may seem weird and pervy but it depends on how dirty your mind is!
I do have to say though...I hope this rapper wasn't planning on having a rap career because he definitely won't be successful after the amount of hate this song has received :L
So that's basically all I have to say, if you don't like this song, don't listen to it! And congratulations to Rebecca on making so much money and becoming one of the most talked about people ever! And singing the catchiest song that I have heard in my whole 19 years of living!
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My thoughts on.....

Ok so this post is going to be my thoughts on the main gossip site about make up girls on youtube (I hate the word 'guru').
The site, as some of you may know is called 'gurugossip' if you type it in to google it's the first one to come up!
There is currently no topic about me, most likely because I'm not as well known as a lot of the other girls on youtube, but I'm happy for there to be no gossip about me, as I hate drama!
Basically I think this site is great! I think it's a great way for people to discuss 'guru's, the things they like and dislike about their videos etc. And it is also useful for 'guru's to see the truth about what viewers really think, what they should change, or stop doing, or tell the truth about.
What bothers me about this site though, is the face that people go way way too far! I mean people talk about these girl's weight, appearance, race, ethnicity, religion, wealth, private lives...this is so unnessessary! It's so stupid and it's actually scary the lengths they go to stalk these girls, gaining access to their Facebook accounts, finding their houses on Google Earth.
If you read some topics about well known 'guru's it's sad how low people go and the stuff they will say.
If you look at 'SMLx0's thread, they talk about how 'ugly' she is, how much bronzer she uses, her weight, how big her forehead is, how much she loves to drink, smoke and party, people have posted screenshots of her facebook pictures on there and then bitched about how trashy she is, I just find that so stupid.
'JuicyTuesday' All they seem to care about is how her relationship with her fianceƩ ended, how horrible her new haircut is, how trashy she is..
'MakeupbyLeinaBaaaby' They talk endlessly about how terrible her skin is, how much of a 'slut' she is, how she's 'wannabe ghetto'
'Heather123' Looks like a horse apparently...(I highly disagree!)
You get my point...bitching about things that are irrelevant.
So to sum it all up, I think gurugossip is a great asset to the beauty community, I just wish people would make proper use about it and stop being so horrible about each other and people they don't even know.
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