Saturday, March 26, 2011

How I Really Feel About MAC Cosmetics.

So I realize that I might have misled you guys when I have previously said in some of my videos that I'm not the biggest MAC fan, but then I was super excited when I won a MAC lipstick in Karrisx's giveaway..
Basically, I do not buy MAC cosmetics, I can't really afford them to be honest, I mean if there was a specific product I really wanted I could go out and buy it but there is no specific product I really want, besides the Saint Germain lipstick which I was actually considering purchasing.
I just do not see the point in spending so much money on one product when I could get like 5 in the drugstore for the same price.
I feel like MAC products and the brand as a whole has been glamourized too much and gotten into people's heads that MAC is the BEST. I do not believe that MAC is the best, I believe that it is great, amazing quality and has a great range of shades to choose from, but the prices are sky high.
MAC has been worshipped on Youtube by girls such as juicystar07, Allthatglitters21, jlovesmac1 etc which has also led people to believe that MAC is the best!
If you like MAC cosmetics and want to spend your money on them, that's perfectly ok, it's a personal choice, it depends on your preference and of course your financial situation. I just choose not to buy MAC products because I don not see the point.
I own 1 single MAC eyeshadow in Mulch, I bought this basically because it was a specific shade of brown I had in my head that I really wanted and I could not find an exact dupe anywhere else, to be honest, I rarely use this eyeshadow! I don't use too many drugstore eyeshadows, I use Urban Decay, which is high end and fairly expensive but not as expensive as MAC, and I also only have palettes, which are really good value for money.
I also have 1 single MAC lipgloss, it's a Lipglass in Snowgirl, which is a small size and I bought it from a girl in school because she got it was a gift and didn't like it so she sold it to me for €5!
And then I have the Saint Germain lipstick from Karrisx's giveaway. I do love this lipstick so so much. It's just the perfect shade of pink for me I've always wanted a lipstick that exact colour but I could never find a drugstore dupe (if you know of any please let me know!) So that is one product from MAC that I would definitely repurchase, because it will last a long time due to the fact that I only really wear it on nights out, it's a bit too dramatic for daytime, even though I will occasionally be in the mood to wear it during the day! So the colour is perfect, the texture is amazing and it smells so nice and of course we all love the packaging! Using this lipstick has led me to consider buying more MAC lipsticks, but only lipsticks.
Drugstore is the way I like it :)
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