Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My thoughts on.....

Ok so this post is going to be my thoughts on the main gossip site about make up girls on youtube (I hate the word 'guru').
The site, as some of you may know is called 'gurugossip' if you type it in to google it's the first one to come up!
There is currently no topic about me, most likely because I'm not as well known as a lot of the other girls on youtube, but I'm happy for there to be no gossip about me, as I hate drama!
Basically I think this site is great! I think it's a great way for people to discuss 'guru's, the things they like and dislike about their videos etc. And it is also useful for 'guru's to see the truth about what viewers really think, what they should change, or stop doing, or tell the truth about.
What bothers me about this site though, is the face that people go way way too far! I mean people talk about these girl's weight, appearance, race, ethnicity, religion, wealth, private lives...this is so unnessessary! It's so stupid and it's actually scary the lengths they go to stalk these girls, gaining access to their Facebook accounts, finding their houses on Google Earth.
If you read some topics about well known 'guru's it's sad how low people go and the stuff they will say.
If you look at 'SMLx0's thread, they talk about how 'ugly' she is, how much bronzer she uses, her weight, how big her forehead is, how much she loves to drink, smoke and party, people have posted screenshots of her facebook pictures on there and then bitched about how trashy she is, I just find that so stupid.
'JuicyTuesday' All they seem to care about is how her relationship with her fianceƩ ended, how horrible her new haircut is, how trashy she is..
'MakeupbyLeinaBaaaby' They talk endlessly about how terrible her skin is, how much of a 'slut' she is, how she's 'wannabe ghetto'
'Heather123' Looks like a horse apparently...(I highly disagree!)
You get my point...bitching about things that are irrelevant.
So to sum it all up, I think gurugossip is a great asset to the beauty community, I just wish people would make proper use about it and stop being so horrible about each other and people they don't even know.
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  1. I think that website is doing more harm than good. As far as I can see most people use it for trashing "gurus" (hate that word also!!) which is pretty horrible. There's def no such thing as constructive criticism on it! The rate a guru is of course lovely but by far overweighed by the trash section, such a pity

  2. Ive seen that site and they can get so NASTY on it! Its horribe to see girls being so vcruel to other girls! We all have feelings....