Tuesday, June 7, 2011


One thing that really pisses me off is when people accuse other people of copying people and stealing ideas etc.
It's as if people think that just because one person already did it, that they're the one who came up with it! Maybe someone else did it before them and you just don't know about it? Maybe someone thought of it themselves and didn't know someone had already done it? It's not fair on us 'starter' youtubers because alot of the more popular youtubers have done almost everything that can be done!!
It's the same with celebrities, one thing that really bugs me is people saying "she copied Lady GaGa" that comparison is getting ridiculous!! Like last night I was watching Beyoncé's video for 'Run The World' or whatever it's called with my friend and we were talking about it and my friend says "yeah she looks good but she's so coying Lady GaGa". Even my friends Dad calls me Lady GaGa since I used to have my hair blonde!! Totally annoying!! Might do a video on this actually :)
Anyway on the subject of people accusing people of being copycats, I woke up the other morning with the fabulous idea to do a "7 deadly sins" inspired makeup series! I was all excited about it, typed it into YouTube and discovered that Petrilude had already done it!! So annoying!
So basically I've decided to do the series anyway, I'm not going to watch his series because I don't want to subconciously steal his ideas. Obviously mine won't be as good and will be far less extravigent (can't spell sorry!) I'm guessing.

Here is my inspiration for colours etc:

And also here is a preview of my 'ENVY' tutorial:

I apologize for the mess in the background, but what can ya do? I'm a busy woman!
Hopefully see you guys in some new uploads tomorrow :)

xo Annemarie

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  1. i know what you mean!! its so annoying when people do it with songs on fb posts:S