Friday, July 8, 2011

My New Best Friend

If you follow me on Twitter or if you're friends with me on Facebook, you would already know that I got a new baby kitten yesterday July 6th :) Here she is!!:

She's only 6 weeks old, she's so tiny! She is half Persian and half 'regular cat' . I was supposed to get a kitten for my birthday which is in September but my mom was looking up cats online and knew this was the one for me so she had to get her straight away...I had no idea! My mom drove up to Waterford to get her without telling me and came in to my room with this bundle of fluff...what a shock I got!
I am planning to keep her as an indoor cat, right now she lives in my bedroom, she hasn't met my other cat or my dog yet and I'm really nervous about that! She has a huge 'tree' which is basically a few scratching posts with platforms and toys attached so she can play and climb, she has a really cute little pink and white polka dot bed and a few toys to play with..the only downside, she has to have a litter tray in my bathroom ..but she already knows how to use it and it doesn't smell at all, it has a cover, but we can't put that on til she's older cos she's not strong enough to open the flap on her own.
She has the best personality, she's so playful, she actually goes off the wall when she's hyper chasing things and tumbling, and then when she's tired, she's so cuddly! she sleeps on my bed, in her own bed but this morning I woke up and she was asleep on my anyone who is not a cat lover this is going to sound horrible to you :P But if you love cats as much as I do, you will understand :)
The only problem I have is that I am like an over protective mother with her, I hate leaving her on her own and whenever I'm not with her I get really worried about her, it's hard to have such a big responsibility, because kittens are so curious and they want to explore everything and they can get themselves into trouble so easily! I just hope I'm able to keep track of this crazy kitty!
Video with her as soon as I find a way to film and import!
Talk soon
:) x

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