Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Giveaway

If you haven't already seen on YouTube, I'm holding my first EVER giveaway...YEEEAAHH BUDDY :).
I am giving away a Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush, which has been very generously supplied for the giveaway by Sigma.
I have had this brush for a couple of months now and I am being 100% genuine when I say I am in LOVE with this brush, it's so much better than a regular foundation brush.
I find that I use way less foundation when I use the brush, it's so easy to blend and it really does give an airbrushed finish.
The quality is amazing, I have washed it many times and have experienced no shedding.
Sigma offer excellent customer service and a very unique affiliate program.
I know I am making this product sound too good to be true, but in MY opinion, it really is..
I would not lie just to make money, or to get free products, because believe me I do not get many of them. Even if I did I would only review them for you guys if I really really liked them.

Anyway back to the enter:

1. You must be a subscriber (I will check)
2. Not compulsary but please follow my Twitter and add me on Facebook and as you're here you might as well follow my blog ;)
3. You must be over 18 or have your parents permission for me to give Sigma your address :)
4. Comment on the giveaway video and tell me what videos are your favourite to watch, one entry per person to keep it fair :)

That's it! The closing date is Friday September 30th and I will announce the winner soon after. The winner will be generated by If you have any questions PM me or ask me on Twitter or Facebook as I cannot reply to comments on the giveaway video.
Hope you guys enjoy and hopefully I will have loads more giveaways in future.

A big thank you to Sigma and if you are unfortunate and do not win the brush, I suggest you consider purchasing it, I think its worth it.

To check out everything sigma click here

Good Luck everyone :)

Leslie xo

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