Saturday, October 22, 2011

What Has The World Come To...

This post is a little different to my usual ones, but I just want to talk about something I've just seen that had a huge affect on me.
It started off on my YouTube homepage a recommended video came up and here it is:

To be completely honest I clicked on the video because as the thumbnail was so small, it looked different to what it was, and I can understand that, being a victim of some terrible thumbnails myself before I had the option to change them to something better.

So I watched the video, and let me just say, I fell in love with this girl, Danielle. She was only 10 at the time of filming, I'm guessing she's 11 now, and she has the sweetest personality. She's absolutely gorgeous in my eyes and hearing her talk about the things she liked and disliked about herself was inspiring to me, that she had the confidence to do this at 10 years old, something that I would never have been able to do.

Then of course, like I usually do when I watch YouTube videos, I scrolled down to read some comments, and of course there were hundreds of sweet, supportive ones, but some of the things I saw shocked me, and I am not easily shocked.

Here are the majority of 'shockers', along with the usernames....


Groce. Would not smash, even if we were the last humans on Earth and it was our duty to repopulate it.


You look like a large hippo so I am guessing you weigh from 200-350 lbs

what the fuck is this?

@lauraforfun She's actually pretty ugly. I don't care what you say, using general guidelines as to what makes the average person attractive (what most opposite sex people want in their mates), she is NOT considered good looking. So stop being so condescending. She doesn't need your approval. Don't listen to people who bully. That simple.

I find this hard to masturbate to.

Lol you are one fat imperfection

Ahahaha I'm too baked it's a pig in a mothafuckin wig!

Um. You guys wanna chill the fuck out with the " omg , ur sooooo beautiful". She's not beautiful, it takes a lot to be beautiful. Beyonce is beautiful, Kim kardashin is beautiful, Andrea is beautiful. This girl isn't even pretty. She's cute, not pretty and far from beautiful.

That is horrid



what you need is a fucking facetransplant! HAHAHA

i bet your dick is is taller than 10 inches ! :D

wow shes 10? my mom looks better than her and shes like 31... not trying to be mean...o well acutally i guess i am teee hee hee  xoxo



ewwwwwwwwwww hehehehe my older bro TETE aka (vivianvp6), this chick is ugly i mean like our hole family saw this and the firstin we saw was her dancing nd our lil cuzin stared crying i should have recored tht, nd then we watched this one nd i think the thing tht made us laugh until we fell to the floor is wen she said she had size 9, nd my cuzin onile saids god dam therez a fuckin minture bigfoot on the loose.

ughhh really ugly like my lil cuzin friend is 10 nd she has size 9 but she aint chuby ur fat. well i guess im jst saying my family has good looks in its gens like most of us are models nd are in da internet or magzines. but girl u need to stop eating alot nd start running it helppss. nd by the way non of us ever got tht fat. sorry for being rude nd no offense ur the uglyest 10yr old. dnt get me wrong yhu might turn hot in da future but now ur jst shit in a horse pile digging its way out.

your fat

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  1. o my god I cant believe those dickheads!! Some people...... glad I found your channel and blog!!!