Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Review.

Here's an updated review on my favourite tanning product of all time: Sally Hansen Airbrush legs. Here's the video, and below, a summary review for those who don't want to listen to me!

- Instant, spray on sunless tanner.
- Dries in less than a minute.
- Designed for legs only but I use it on my whole body and it works fine.
- Contains no SPF.
- Apply with hands or a tanning mitt, spray and rub evenly over skin.
- No streaks when applied correctly.
- Does not completely cover blemishes, but lessens the appearance significantly.
- Waterproof, will not run in rain/swimming/spilt drinks but if rubbed it WILL come off.
- Washes off with soap and a cloth/sponge/loofah and warm water.
- Available in Light Glow, Medium Glow, Deep Glow & Tan Glow.*
- Available in most drugstores/supermarkets.
- Cost approx €12/€15 but can be found in places for €9/€10.
- Small amount of shimmer.

* Light Glow - Very light, slightly pasty.
Medium glow - Slightly yellowish but very nice result.
Deep Glow - Bronze/brown slightly orange, my favourite shade.
Tan glow - Similar to Light Glow, a small bit darker!

Hope this was helpful!

Leslie xo

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  1. I love sally hansen airbrush legs. It is a LIFESAVER in the summer haha. Annoying when it comes off on your clothes though x