Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rihanna Inspired Hair Tutorial!

So I've finally got around to filming a tutorial for this look! I wore a look similar to this in a haul video back in November & so many people asked me to do a tutorial! It's pretty simple really & it can be worn during the day but it's still nice enough to wear on a night out!

I know some of you may be like: Red hair? Rihanna inspired hair tutorial? Definitely a Rihanna superfan/wannabe...but no, I'm not even a fan :O But she is everywhere, there is no escaping the woman!

If you want to recreate this hairstyle all you are going to need is:

- A curling iron/wand or you can curl your hair with a flat iron!
- Heat defence spray (optional).
- A comb/brush.
- Something to section your hair with.
- Bobby Pins.
- Hairspray.
- A headband/scarf.
- 20 minutes spare time!

If you want to wear it the way I had it, with straight bangs, you will need a fancy bobby pin or just a regular one, it's up to you, but if you want to wear it the way Rihanna did, you don't need this :)

Here's the tutorial, have a go, it's simple & you can have fun with it :)

Have a great hair day ;)

Leslie xo

It's That Time of The Month....

...and no, not the one that has us reaching for Panadol & chocolate & crying over how fat we think we are! Here are my favourites for the month of February, not a bad month. I'm totally in love with all these products, but I hope it's not the primer that's breaking me out because it is a really good primer!

Didn't wear my extensions in this video because my hair is fading like there's no tomorrow and they don't match anymore :( I washed it a while ago and it's literally coral now, time to buy a new color bomb! But I go so many comments on how much nicer my hair is without extensions, and now, since it's grown a bit, I'm starting to like it myself too! Does that mean the extensions will be kicked to the curb? HELL to the NO! I love my babies :)

Let's hope March is even better, I just finished my online course on teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and I didn't do too bad! 78% :) That's good enough for me anyway so I'm entering March on a high and I hope you are too!

Leslie xo

Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Penny's Haul...

Since my parents were away for the weekend, I intended to spent the whole of Saturday & Sunday filming videos as I never seem to get the chance during the week, but you know what happens when there's a free gaf, and drink becomes involved...yeah, my plan failed. Well not completely, I did manage to get myself together for a few hours today and filmed a reasonable amount of videos!

So here is a haul of some stuff I picked up in Penny's recently and a pair of pants from Only which I just had to get after seeing how nice they were on my friend Katie who will probably see this post ;)

Prepare for excessive eyelashes....

Also just want to throw this in, just to have it on my blog...I cannot stop listening to this lately, the instrumental version, I love a good instrumental and this has been my favourite lately, I'm Britney obsessed!

Leslie xo