Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Penny's Haul...

Since my parents were away for the weekend, I intended to spent the whole of Saturday & Sunday filming videos as I never seem to get the chance during the week, but you know what happens when there's a free gaf, and drink becomes involved...yeah, my plan failed. Well not completely, I did manage to get myself together for a few hours today and filmed a reasonable amount of videos!

So here is a haul of some stuff I picked up in Penny's recently and a pair of pants from Only which I just had to get after seeing how nice they were on my friend Katie who will probably see this post ;)

Prepare for excessive eyelashes....

Also just want to throw this in, just to have it on my blog...I cannot stop listening to this lately, the instrumental version, I love a good instrumental and this has been my favourite lately, I'm Britney obsessed!

Leslie xo


  1. My fave of your haul is the leggings with the leather, I'd waer them with a longish top and a massive pair of heels ;)
    Awww I love britney I'll always be a Britney fan lol!

  2. I love the leggings too, its a shame the first satin pair went like that after one wear! great blog, I'm your newest follower :) x