Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let's Discuss The Tights Issue....



If you are reading this post, there's a good chance you've already seen the above video, if not, watch it now so you know what I'm harping on about.

The idea came to post this video, after my friend Milli posted an outfit of the day video on her YouTube channel last week. In this video she was wearing a pair of tights, like any normal female would on any given day. The problem was though, these tights attracted so many disturbing comments, even though they were just regular tights, they weren't even sheer tights!
I will give a few examples of the comments left under the video now, so you will have an idea of what I'm referring to in this post.

Love the tights & I love your shoes esp. when you took off your shoe!

I don´t mind with what kind shirt shoes or clother you use I ´ll denude you anyway and I´ll make you cry under my body .

love the outfit. your legs look so sexy in those gray tights. can you try it with other colors as well possibly?

i love women in pantyhose!

You look sexy in your tights baby

There was also, of course the private message which I read out in the video. I received this exact message over a year ago when I uploaded an outfit of the day wearing a pair of tights. I also received a few comments similar to this, most of which were deleted immediately as they just turn my stomach.

Now, all the ladies who have watched this video have given me a very positive response, but as you can imagine, most of the men have not. Some of them argue that if I have such a problem with these men, that I shouldn't post videos on YouTube, some argue that fetishes are normal and should not be referred to as perverted.

Although I really really cannot see anything especially sexual about a pair of tights, I understand that there are people who do think they're attractive, just like many girls (not including myself) are extremely attracted to boys who wear chinos. There is nothing wrong with having your own turn-on's and turn-off's. My problem though, is that beauty channels on YouTube, which often feature outfit of the day videos are not the place for these men to fulfill their sexual desires.

Of course I understand that YouTube is a public website and anyone can watch any video they like and they are perfectly entitled to do so. But men need to understand that outfit of the day videos etc are not aimed at them, they are aimed at other women. Now of course men can watch the videos, but leaving comments like the ones above is just disgusting. I can't understand why they can't keep it to themselves. There are other websites there for them to satisfy their every desire, so why do they insist on preying on young girls, when their attention is unwanted.

They think of tights as such a sexual item of clothing and a lot of them don't realize, that we don't think of them the same way. We wear them as a fashion accessory, we wear them to keep warm, but then we have them asking us to make videos showing our feet in tights? I mean really?! Do they think it's ok to do that? Do they think that we are actually going to do that?! I hope there is no girl stupid enough fall for the 'top London photographer' creep. These comments are sexual harassment and they are perverted. They make you wonder 'do men think these things about me when I wear tights in public places?' They would almost make you paranoid about wearing tights, which is really not fair.

This whole experience has made me think, should I stop featuring tights in outfit of the day videos? The answer is no. I will not let any perverted old man keep me from wearing what I want to wear and from showing you ladies my outfits. I won't let the creeps affect my videos in any way, if I want to talk about tights, I will, if I want to wear tights, I will and if any creep leaves a comment like the ones above, I will let rip on them, because it's just not ok to make me feel uncomfortable wearing an item of clothing that I want to wear. Ladies we need to stand up for ourselves, we do not deserve to feel victimized and objectified over a stupid pair of tights.

Leslie xo.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Feelings & Gratitude...

I was talking to a really close friend on Facebook chat earlier on tonight, I haven't seen her in a long time so as you can imagine, we had a lot of catching up to do. During our conversation, she mentioned that she had been watching my recent Youtube videos and she told me she thinks I have become a lot more confident. Now that I think about it, she's right.

Many of you only know me from what you see on the internet. I've always been a very shy and introverted person, sometimes I find it hard to talk to people, I used to be a lot worse. What bugs me is how shyness can be misinterpreted as bitchiness or sometimes people can even think you are stuck up, which is the polar opposite of myself.

When I'm around people I'm comfortable with, there's no shutting me up, I'm crazy, I could say anything & I have no shame at all. But when I'm around people I'm not so comfortable with, I'm a lot quieter. But in the past year, that has changed a lot and I think I owe that to Youtube.

The reason I started making videos, was because I had watched other people, & I just thought to myself, these are the type of people I can relate to. I have amazing friends, and of course they are interested in makeup & hair etc but not to the extent that I am, & how others on Youtube are. Well, that's the way it was. But since I started posting videos, they watch them and now we talk about the things I am interested in a lot more than before.

I don't feel so shy anymore, I feel a lot more confident, it does sound cheesy I have to admit. Now I find it a bit easier to talk to new people, I feel as if I was going for a job interview, I would be a lot less nervous, when I think of how many people watch my videos online.

What I love about Youtube is how it's a community. In everyday life, there is a lot of bitchiness and cattiness, women hate eachother. But on Youtube it's more like women celebrating eachother, sharing advice to help eachother look and feel their best. Now of course there is a lot of hate and ignorant comments, but the positive comments and nice people just completely throw the negativity into the dark. What I have learnt from Youtube, is how many nice people there actually are when you know where to find them!

All the girls I have talked to on Youtube, don't seem judgemental in the slightest, which is a great change from everyday life, where people judge you all the time over the most stupid things.

I just want to say to all the lovely beauty girls on Youtube, keep doing what you're doing, in particular, the Irish girls. You are all so talented and inspiring and I love watching your videos and reading your blogs and at the meet up, you were all just as nice as I imagined you to be!
And my subscribers/followers who don't make videos, ye are the best!! Without yer helpful, positive and supportive comments I would probably still be as self concious and shy as I was before Youtube!

Anyone who is considering starting a blog or making a Youtube channel, I say go for it, you have nothing to lose and loads to gain! #YOLO ;)

Leslie x

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Everyday I'm Shuffling

Having a bit of a creep through some blogs today, I found this really interesting looking tag on High Life of Mars and also on Random Ramblings & Musings and I thought it would be fun to have my own version on my blog. Basically what you need to do is open your iTunes library and put it on shuffle (hence: Everyday I'm Shuffling) and the go on to the next song for each question. I did one of these before back in the BeBo days and sometimes it's weird how coincidental the songs turn out to be! And no cheating, no track hopping ;) So here I go, shuffling like a pro....

How am I feeling today?
Whatever You Like - T.I
Will I get far in life?
Get Naked - Britney Spears (Oh Lord)
How do my friends see me?
Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
Where will I get married?
You Can Do It - Ice Cube & Mack 10 ft Ms Toi
What is my theme song?
Buzzin - Mann ft 50 Cent
What is the story of my life?
Case Of Ex - Mya
What was secondary school like?
Fack - Eminem (Hahaha)
How can I get ahead in life?
Crank That - Soulja Boy
What is the best thing about me?
Big Shit Poppin - T.I
How is today going to be?
Phonography - Britney Spears
What’s in store this weekend?
What Goes...Comes Around - Justin Timberlake
What song describes my parents?
Check It Out - Nicki Minaj
What song describes my brother(s)?
Hotel - Cassidy
How is my life going?
Lovin' You Long Time - Mariah Carey & T.I
What song will be played at my funeral?
Happy - Ashanti
How does the world see me?
Take Over Control - AfroJack
Will I have a happy life?
Goodies - Ciara
What do my friends really think of me?
Hotel Room - Pitbull
Do people secretly lust after me?
Don't Let Go - En Vogue
What should I do with my life?
Fighter - Christina Aguilera
What is good advice for me?
Who's That Chick - David Guetta & Rihanna
How will I be remembered?
Dem Jeans - Chingy
What is my signature gig song?
On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez
What do I think my theme song is?
Run It! - Chris Brown & Juelz Santana
What does everyone else think my theme song is?
Get Your Number - Mariah Carey & Jermaine Dupri

So this was fun, whether it makes sense or not! Made me see how weird my music taste is anyway! Hope you found this interesting and let me know if you do this tag too, I think it's entertaining!
Leslie xo