Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let's Discuss The Tights Issue....



If you are reading this post, there's a good chance you've already seen the above video, if not, watch it now so you know what I'm harping on about.

The idea came to post this video, after my friend Milli posted an outfit of the day video on her YouTube channel last week. In this video she was wearing a pair of tights, like any normal female would on any given day. The problem was though, these tights attracted so many disturbing comments, even though they were just regular tights, they weren't even sheer tights!
I will give a few examples of the comments left under the video now, so you will have an idea of what I'm referring to in this post.

Love the tights & I love your shoes esp. when you took off your shoe!

I don´t mind with what kind shirt shoes or clother you use I ´ll denude you anyway and I´ll make you cry under my body .

love the outfit. your legs look so sexy in those gray tights. can you try it with other colors as well possibly?

i love women in pantyhose!

You look sexy in your tights baby

There was also, of course the private message which I read out in the video. I received this exact message over a year ago when I uploaded an outfit of the day wearing a pair of tights. I also received a few comments similar to this, most of which were deleted immediately as they just turn my stomach.

Now, all the ladies who have watched this video have given me a very positive response, but as you can imagine, most of the men have not. Some of them argue that if I have such a problem with these men, that I shouldn't post videos on YouTube, some argue that fetishes are normal and should not be referred to as perverted.

Although I really really cannot see anything especially sexual about a pair of tights, I understand that there are people who do think they're attractive, just like many girls (not including myself) are extremely attracted to boys who wear chinos. There is nothing wrong with having your own turn-on's and turn-off's. My problem though, is that beauty channels on YouTube, which often feature outfit of the day videos are not the place for these men to fulfill their sexual desires.

Of course I understand that YouTube is a public website and anyone can watch any video they like and they are perfectly entitled to do so. But men need to understand that outfit of the day videos etc are not aimed at them, they are aimed at other women. Now of course men can watch the videos, but leaving comments like the ones above is just disgusting. I can't understand why they can't keep it to themselves. There are other websites there for them to satisfy their every desire, so why do they insist on preying on young girls, when their attention is unwanted.

They think of tights as such a sexual item of clothing and a lot of them don't realize, that we don't think of them the same way. We wear them as a fashion accessory, we wear them to keep warm, but then we have them asking us to make videos showing our feet in tights? I mean really?! Do they think it's ok to do that? Do they think that we are actually going to do that?! I hope there is no girl stupid enough fall for the 'top London photographer' creep. These comments are sexual harassment and they are perverted. They make you wonder 'do men think these things about me when I wear tights in public places?' They would almost make you paranoid about wearing tights, which is really not fair.

This whole experience has made me think, should I stop featuring tights in outfit of the day videos? The answer is no. I will not let any perverted old man keep me from wearing what I want to wear and from showing you ladies my outfits. I won't let the creeps affect my videos in any way, if I want to talk about tights, I will, if I want to wear tights, I will and if any creep leaves a comment like the ones above, I will let rip on them, because it's just not ok to make me feel uncomfortable wearing an item of clothing that I want to wear. Ladies we need to stand up for ourselves, we do not deserve to feel victimized and objectified over a stupid pair of tights.

Leslie xo.


  1. omg that is just sick, i could not agree more! dirty perverts eeeuch +o( and yes they have special sites for that stuff, they should not come and harass girls who are just trying to show what they wear on a daily basis/inspire others with thier fashion sense! makes me wana vom. xX

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  3. Facebook Pantyhose club here:
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