Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wheeeeree Have You Been?

Just thought I'd do a quick post to let you all know what the hell is going on with me as I just suddenly disappeared with only a brief explanation on Facebook. It's 3:29am and I can't sleep because I've been thinking about how unfair it is to just up an leave like that. I've been getting tweets and messages from subscribers asking me when will I be back and why aren't my videos there etc.

When will I be back? To be completely honest with you, I don't know :( It could be next week, it could be next month, it could be two months from now. Only thing I can say really is that I will be back as soon as I possibly can! That's a promise, I will be back. My subscriber count is decreasing which I totally understand as I just abandoned ye! But if ye are interested, I will definitely be back :)

Why did I stop?
There are a few reasons. Back when my videos were regular, I was only working 8 hours a week in a job which didn't involve much effort to be honest! So I could edit videos while I was at work and it worked out really well! Around the time I finished up in that job (because the place closes for summer) I got kinda depressed because I had no money & my best friend was leaving to go and live in England for the summer, I used to see her every day so it was hard when she was leaving. A lot of my other friends live not so close to me so I didn't get to see them much & I just hated being stuck at home with no money. So I lost all motivation to film. There were also a few little personal reasons for leaving but I can't really talk about them :(

Whats up now?
Everything is different now! I went from being totally depressed to living on cloud 9 :) I now have 2 jobs. Both of them are very tiring which means I'm always . When I'm not working I am away in that place I like to go for the summer ;) And I don't have internet down there. This makes it really hard to stay on top of regular postings and shit, so I just don't know when i the right time to come back.

A little problem that I have is that there have been a few companies who have sent me products to review. I have been trying them out and they are really great so I do want to share them. I feel really bad on the companies as I told them I would have reviews up as soon as possible if I liked their products and then this happened. The main issue is that I feel under pressure to get these reviews uploaded but I don't want to just come back at you guys with a shit ton of videos featuring products I got for free (even though I don't see a problem with reviewing free products, it is benefiting the viewer too!) but I don't want to come across as a teleshopping salesperson because I'm not! & of course I promise to be honest. But I don't really know what to do now as I need to get these out of the way but I don't want to be a walking ad!


For those of you who are still subscribed and those of you who are sending my supportive messages and the likes, thank you so much! I really do appreciate it! I hope the Junior Cert & Leaving Cert are going well for those who are sitting it this year! I hope summer tests & college exams went well for everyone too! & I hope  everyone's summer is off to a great start! I also hope Spain win Euro 2012 because, well....we have no hope ;)


  1. great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?

  2. It hard after you take a break, I hope you get back into it! I am a new follower. Please check out my blog if you get a chance, xxx