About Me

I'm Leslie, I'm 20 and I'm from Ireland.
I'm a Virgo.
I have a great interest in makeup, beauty products, fashion trends, hair, tan, nails and the likes, and this is what i spend the majority of my money on.
I cannot define my own style, I change so much, I'm a sucker for trends but I am never up to date on the latest catwalk fashions, Leslie + Designer Clothing = Fail.
I like to wear a lot of fake tan, fake eyelashes, fake nails, hair extensions, hair dye, sometimes I may look tacky, but it's all down to my love of products and extreme fear of paleness.
I like wearing the highest heels I can find.
Britney Spears = My Life.
I don't spend much on clothes, I am the ultimate Pennys fan.
I would consider myself to be open-minded, I am as nice to people as I can be, I try to be positive. I'm also shy though which can come across as bitchy.
In terms of music, I listen to many different types, my all time favourite singer is Britney Spears <3, I love 90's music! I like to listen to hip-hop, dubstep, dance...and what's in the charts.
Youtube? There are so many people I watch I'd be here all day trying to list them!
Telly? Desperate Housewives, Geordie Shore, Jersey Shore, Awkward, X Factor..all along those lines.
To be continued...